Has your centre received Kindy Uplift funding? We’re here to help

What is Kindy Uplift?


The Queensland Government Kindy Uplift program enables selected kindergarten services to respond to the educational and developmental needs of kindergarten children.

In short, Kindy Uplift is about improving early learning outcomes, making sure little ones are school-ready.

There are 6 priority areas:

  1.  Culturally safe, inclusive and responsive kindergarten programs
    1. Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives
    2. Equity and access for all
  2.  Social and emotional learning
  3.  Physicality
  4.  Executive function
  5.  Oral language and literacy
  6.  Mathematics and numeracy


How Youthrive can help


Based on an initial consultation, our team will work together with yours to tailor a Kindy Uplift package of services, based on your priority areas.

With expertise in speech pathology, occupational therapy, and paediatric psychology, we can help upskill your educators,

boosting their confidence to:

  • Identify possible developmental delays
  • initiate conversations with parents/carers about developmental issues
  • support children with developmental delays within the kindergarten setting
  • implement evidence-based strategies and/or programs to ensure the best possible learning outcomes for children

Some examples of our practical support include:

  • Observation of kindy groups as well as observations of existing teaching and learning programs during operational hours
  • Feedback sessions to provide specific recommendations tailored to your kindergarten’s needs
  • In-service professional development sessions
  • Coaching and mentoring for program planning and implementation of evidence-based techniques
  • Hosting parent and carer education sessions.

Keen to know more about Kindy Uplift? You can find further information at the Queensland Government Early Childhood website, or get in touch with Youthrive at bookings@youthrive.com.au.



How Youthrive supported St Michael’s College Early Learning Centre 


“Like many other centres, we noticed an increasing number of little ones presenting at kindy with social/emotional and language development issues. Recognising the need for targeted support, we were fortunate to receive Kindy Uplift funding.

Our aim was to really build our educators’ skillsets in these areas, and Youthrive stood out as the ideal partner, offering integrated allied health solutions within one team.

Youthrive’s team visited us twice a term, providing invaluable observations of our children and constructive recommendations to our educators. They highlighted aspects we may have overlooked, and the end-of-term visits allowed us to track progress and plan for the future.

As well as on-site support, Youthrive conducted professional development sessions with our team, covering issues like developmental milestones and red flags. They then adapted this presentation for parents, including a Q & A where parents and carers could ask specific questions about their child’s development.

Looking ahead, the partnership with Youthrive means we’ve been able to identify new areas to include in our program.

One of the best things is having those trusted professionals to connect with – they can break down clinical observations into simple terms and give us practical ways we can support our kindy kids in a group setting.

What’s more, their involvement has given weight to our conversations with parents about developmental issues. Even as we move beyond the Kindy Uplift program, maintaining our connection with Youthrive is a priority. Their ongoing support is an integral part of our commitment to ensuring the best possible outcomes for our kindy children.”

– Amie Coleman, Assistant Director and Educational Leader, St Michael’s College Early Learning Centre


Why work with Youthrive for Kindy Uplift?


  • Youthrive is a unique, integrated service that provides four types of therapy – psychology, speech pathology, occupational therapy and dietetics for kids and young people.


  • Our integrated model means kindergartens receive high quality, professional support from a single team, without the inconvenience of working with separate service providers.


  • Our dedicated team of qualified professionals work with children in a clinical setting every day, embracing a truly collaborative approach to therapy.


  • We don’t expect kids to fit precisely into “classifications” or “boxes” – we assess children’s individual needs and are able to make holistic support recommendations


  • Best of all, Youthrive is a social enterprise. All fees paid to Youthrive are used to create a stable and growing source of revenue for Act for Kids, supporting services for children and families who have experienced or are at risk of harm.


Contact Youthrive to find out how our team can work together with yours to ensure your kindy groups are Prep-ready! For more information, email us at bookings@youthrive.com.au.