MEDIA RELEASE: Urgent call to continue subsidised psych sessions

MEDIA RELEASE: Urgent call to continue subsidised psych sessions

19 October 2022

Media Release – Urgent call to continue subsidised psych sessions as thousands of children experience mental health challenges

Youthrive is urging the Federal Government to continue offering all Australians 20 one-on-one subsidised psychology sessions through Medicare, rather than reverting back to only ten sessions with thousands of children needing significant mental health support, following the pandemic.

Australians have been able to access up to 20 therapy sessions with a psychologist since August 2020, however the government is expected to revert back to 10 sessions at the end of the year.

“There are considerable fears reducing number of subsidised sessions back to ten could lead to worrying mental health outcomes for children with many not receiving adequate support,” Amy Turner, Youthrive Chief Operating Officer said.

Youthrive is supporting hundreds of children and young people who are currently experiencing serious mental health challenges, including depression and anxiety.

“We need to ensure children and families get the right support and that the support isn’t limited to a number of sessions. 10 sessions are often not enough for some mental health conditions. Ceasing support prematurely could have dire consequences for many young people.”

“Youthrive has also seen first-hand the financial pressures families are under with the rising costs of living. Unfortunately, we know not many families can afford to see a psychologist which is also why extending the program is crucial,” Amy explained.

Youthrive supported more than 1600 children and young people over the past year.

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