What to expect at a kindergarten screening session!

Youthrive now offers Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology Screening Sessions for kindergartens and childcare centres. This childhood screening package aims to assist early childhood educators and parents in identifying developmental challenges for children as early as possible.

The screening package can include:

  • An information session for parents and teachers focusing on developmental milestones, and general strategies to support families, caregivers and teachers.
  • Teacher and parent questionnaires
  • An individual or small group speech pathology screener consisting of a speech sounds (articulation) and oral language
  • An individual or small group occupational therapy screener assessing fine and gross motor skills, visual perception, sensory processing, self-care, pre-writing/handwriting, play and social interaction, and executive functioning
  • A summary of the child’s performance and recommendations.
  • A follow-up question-and-answer session for parents and teachers.
  • Small group therapy sessions


Centre Fee Payment Package

  • Presentation – $120
  • SP/OT screener and therapy group – $120 per hour

Parent/Carer Payment Package

  • Presentation – $10 per person
  • SP/OT screener – $40 for 20-minute session
  • SP/OT group – TBC



Youthrive Speech Pathologist Portia Gunn – a facilitator of our screeners – has answered some frequently asked questions about Youthrive’s screening sessions below!

  • How long will the assessments take?
    • Your child will be with the therapist for up to 20 minutes one on one. Some assessments may include an additional 15 minute small group screener.


  • Can the assessments just be for Speech Therapy only, without Occupational Therapy or vice versa?
    • Yes. Your centre can request to only have a Speech Therapy screener, Occupational Therapy screener, or may choose to have both.


  • Where do the assessments take place?
    • Assessments take place at the child’s kindergarten centre. Usually the one on one assessment will be held in a separate room, outdoors or in a quieter environment that may be available.


  • What happens after the assessments are completed?
    • Once your child has been assessed a short feedback form will be completed by the therapist including strengths, challenges and recommendations. This will be provided to your child’s teacher to be sent home.


  • How does the kindy vs parents payment work?
    • If the centre is paying for the screener they will liaise directly with Youthrive to pay a provided invoice based on the number of children being assessed. If parent payments are to be arranged the fee will be invoiced to each family from Youthrive. Alternative methods may be available through discussion with the Youthrive Springfield clinic Team Leader.


  • If parents are opting in for the $40, how many families have to do that for Youthrive to be able to come out?
    • In order for Youthrive to provide a screener to a centre who are arranging family payments we would require a minimum of 5 children to be involved.


  • How do I book?
    • Contact your nearest clinic and speak to our admin to register your interest to have a screener assessment. From there, the treating therapist will be in contact to discuss further and arrange your session times.



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