How to encourage your kids to do chores!

We can all relate to the stress of trying to get your kids to help with chores. Sometimes just the thought of asking them to “clean their room” can cause a tantrum.

But, with the right strategies and mindset, chores can become a positive experience for both you and your child! Kids may need to be explicitly taught how to complete the chore or be positively encouraged in a way that will motivate them. Who’s ready to inspire their kids to be productive contributors to the household!?


Why chores?

Chores are a great way for children to learn new skills and provide opportunity to be a team-player. It also gives them additional responsibilities and helps them to grow independence. But, most importantly, completing chores with your child is a nice way for you to have one-on-one time together!



6 strategies to positively encourage your child to do their chores

  1. Give them a choice: “Do you want to do the dishes or take the bins out?”
  2. Create a visual schedule showing them what tasks need to be done and when
  3. Reward charts can be used to help motivate task completion and can be another visual way of reinforcing a behaviour. Make sure the reward is something meaningful for the child that they are excited to work towards earning. Some ideas for rewards include:
    • Choosing the next take-away meal
    • Having a friend over
    • Choose the movie to watch
    • Breakfast in bed
    • Make a cake
    • Choose dessert
  4. Have a family meeting to identify what chores need to be done
  5. Create a family roster
  6. Team work! Working together is an easy way to make cleaning fun (and the job is more likely to be done right if you’re there for guidance). Play their favourite music and turn your Sunday chores into a little dance party!


Remember, if allocating chores, only provide tasks that are appropriate for your child’s age.


If you are unsure where to start, make a list of frequent tasks that need to be completed around the house and identify chores or parts of a chore that would suit your child’s level.



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