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Integrated Therapy Services

Equipping kids and young people with the skills they need to thrive.

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Why is Youthrive different from others?


Youthrive’s integrated therapy team of psychologists, speech pathologists, dietitians and occupational therapists work together to develop tailored plans for children and their families.


Our unique model allows busy parents to access therapy services they need to benefit their child’s development in one convenient location.


We work alongside other medical practitioners, teachers, and parents to support children’s learning and development.

First Appointment

If you are a parent who has not had any experience with therapy services for your child, the process can seem quite overwhelming. Here’s what to expect at your first appointment.


Initial Consultation

The initial appointment is typically one hour in duration. Your child will attend this session for Speech Pathology, Dietetics and Occupational Therapy. For Psychology appointments you will need to check if your child is required for the initial consultation at the time of booking.


Information Session

The therapist will ask detailed information about your child’s family history, health and development, education and any concerns you may have.


Goals & Assessment

An assessment may be commenced during this initial appointment and goals for therapy will be established.

The Youthrive team are passionate about helping kids and young people reach their full potential.

Our dedicated team of qualified professionals provide a number of therapy services including Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Dietetics and Psychology. They have worked with clients with a range of needs and embrace Youthrive’s collaborative approach to therapy.

Our workshops & group sessions

Youthrive runs regular interactive workshops for parents, caregivers, educators and children providing a great opportunity to learn how therapy works, receive practical advice and gain support from other families with the same experiences.

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