LEGO® Club

Workshop Details

LEGO® club is a small play-based group program aimed at supporting the social development of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other social communication challenges.

What do children learn in the program?

Understanding that children develop skills more effectively when engaged in something they enjoy LEGO® therapy is designed to offer a club environment to foster the following social skills:

  • Turn taking and sharing
  • Listening
  • Problem solving collaboratively
  • Shared attention
  • Self-initiated social contact
  • Social communication
  • Conversational skill and teamwork
  • Dealing with feelings
  • Creativity

Details about the program:

The program is offered in 1.5 hour sessions, to help children develop and foster a number of essential social skills.

LEGO® club runs weekly in groups of 3-4 children to 1 adult where the child takes on a specific role each week – engineer, builder, parts supplier or director.

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For children aged 5 to 10 years.

$95 per session*

*Private Health Fund rebates may be available


Workshop Address

Suite 113, World Knowledge Centre 37 Sinnathamby Boulevard Springfield Central, QLD 4300 Get Directions

Phone: 07 3054 1130


$95 per session

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