Circle of Security (COS) Parenting Program – Abbreviated Version

COS parenting program (abbreviated program) offers parents a way to understand and make sense of their child’s needs and respond with confidence.

Workshop Details


An early childhood attachment program for parents of children aged 4 months to 6 years of age. This evidence based interactive and reflective workshop is designed to support caregivers to:

  • Learn how to manage their child’s emotions
  • Learn how to understand their child’s needs
  • Increase empathy for their child
  • Improve their child’s self-esteem
  • Learn how to delight in child-led exploration
  • Increase the security of the caregiver-child relationship


Parent only program. Program will only run if there are the required number of participants.


Thursday afternoons at 4.00 – 6.00pm. Program runs in an online format – wherever you live, join the group from the comfort of your own home!

Week 1: 20/04/2023
Week 2: 27/04/2023
Week 3: 04/05/2023
Week 4: 11/05/2023
Week 5: 18/05/2023
Week 6: 25/05/2023

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