Sarah Poiner

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Sarah Poiner is an Associate member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Sarah boasts a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) with First Class Honours.

Sarah wanted to become a psychologist to help others to understand and express their emotions, as well as learn skills in behavioural and emotional regulation that can be used in daily living to facilitate effective problem solving.

As a Provisional Psychologist, Sarah has an interest in learning the necessary skills to become a trauma informed psychologist and support children and adolescents with mood disorders (e.g., depression), anxiety, ASD, ADHD, and other presenting problems.

“I am interested in using psychometric assessments to provide further understanding and guidance in understanding a child and developing their individualised therapy plan, and also in respecting the experience of the families and/or caregivers by providing them with ongoing support, psychoeducation, and skills to better support their child’s needs.”

Sarah believes that Psychology can help children to understand and label the big feelings that they are having. Sarah acknowledges that every child has a unique experience, and she works with her clients to allows them to learn how to express themselves freely, whilst supporting problem solving and the development of behavioural and social skills. Sarah also supports the child’s family and/ or caregivers to better understand how they can support their child through psychoeducation.

“I am passionate about respecting that each client is an individual and their experience is unique. That there is no singular treatment approach and therapy should be individualised to match the clients’ interests and treatment goals. Therapy is collaborative, and children and their families have autonomy in the therapy that is provided; ensuring that mutual treatment goals are established, monitored, and met throughout the duration of treatment.”

Sarah is an advocate for removing the stigma around mental health and promoting the benefits of psychological treatment. “Helping people to understand that psychologists are not scary, and that therapy is about creating a safe space where people can openly discuss their thoughts and feelings without judgement and receive support in developing the necessary skills to effectively problem solve and facilitate a quality life.”