Ozgul Kara

Senior Speech Pathologist | Youthrive, Robina

Senior Speech Pathologist | Youthrive, Helensvale

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Ozgul is a certified Speech Pathologist and practicing member of Speech Pathology Australia, Hanen and the PROMPT Institute.

She has a particular interest in Late talkers, Preschool Language,  Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Childhood Apraxia of Speech.

By sharing my knowledge and expertise, I can support families to make changes to their communication with their child, which then has an impact on their child’s communication.

Ozgul is a passionate believer in neuroplasticity of the brain, and that every new skill a child learns changes their brain for the better. She finds ways to give a child a voice and help them feel empowered to communicate their needs and wants.


As a certified Speech Pathologist, Ozgul has had extensive training in her field including; PECS, PROMPT, Hanen, Blades, CAS, Leadership Training, Health Promotion, and Clinical Supervision.

"I love working with kids and believe that I can help make a positive change in the child and family’s life by supporting their communication skills."