Madison Blanchard

Occupational Therapist | Youthrive, Labrador

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Madison Blanchard is a certified Occupational Therapist and a practising member of Occupational Therapy Australia.

She also boasts a Certificate in Ayres Sensory Integration Part 1, DIR Floortime 101 and Talking toileting.

Growing up Madison was a motivated, bubbly, creative and an empathic child who loved engaging with other adults and children, finding every opportunity to help others in need.

“Occupational Therapy has not only change my life for the better; it has allowed me to continue making important positive contributions in others’ lives too” says Madison.

Madison enjoys making connections with her clients and nurturing the therapeutic relationship, whilst watching them and supporting them on their journey.

“As a profession the aim of Occupational therapy within a pediatric setting is to support the social, emotional and functional skill development of children; enhancing participation in activities of daily living and play occupations. "