Leilani Bourke

Speech Pathologist | Youthrive, North Lakes – Discovery

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Leilani is a practicing member of Speech Pathology Australia and has a Bachelor of Speech Pathology and a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in painting and illustration.

Leilani has completed the following courses:  Key word sign introduction, Certificate 1 in Auslan, Treating Childhood Apraxia, Understanding ADHD, Minimal Pairs Speech Therapy, CRU: Inclusive education, Autism summit: Autism Qld: Early days, Understanding behaviours, Social thinking: thoughts and feelings.

Leilani wanted to become a Speech Pathologist because she believes communication is a basic human right.  Speech Pathologists can provide the knowledge and skills so individuals have the ability to effectively communication their wants, needs and thoughts.  These skills are instrumental in building relationships and living life to our fullest potential.

Leilani is interested in working with children and their families with a range of speech, language and social communication difficulties.

She is passionate about empowering families and their children and aspires to make a difference in the lives of the families she works with, so they can reach their full potential.  She delivers evidence based therapy that is individualised to that client and most importantly is fun!!