Elizabeth Jones

Receptionist | Youthrive, Everton Hills


Elizabeth has a passion for early intervention and supporting children and families. With a Diploma of Practice Management and Diploma of Early Childhood, Elizabeth’s knowledge and understanding of clinical environments is second-to-none. She ensures that each child feels welcome and safe within the Clinic and is proud to champion Youthrive, Everton Hills. Elizabeth has previously been a practice manager and shares the teams united interest in making a real difference to the lives of children and families.



  • Diploma of Practice Management
  • Diploma of Early Childhood

Training Courses

  • First aid
  • Blue card
  • Early Learning Educator professional development
  • Circle of security
  • Intensive emotional support educator role(one on one with children)

"Youthrive Everton Hills is a brilliant space for children to learn, grow and develop with the support of integrative therapy services."