Ashley Wilkinson

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Ashley Wilkinson is a practising member of OT Australia and AHPRA, and has a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy with honours.

Ashley also has qualifications in Circle of Security (COS-P and COS-P Classroom), SOS feeding, Occupational Performance Coaching, The Possums Program for Neuroprotective Developmental Care, Developing Pretend Play Skills in Children, DIR Floortime, Conquering the wees and poos, SleepAbility.

Ashley became an OT because she wanted to help children achieve their goals in everyday activities. OT is both fun and functional…a great combination!

She is committed to helping children and their families participate in, and enjoy, many of life’s adventures at school, home or out and about.

Ashley is passionate about working alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and supporting mums and bubs in the early years, especially for baby sleep and feeding difficulties. Her special interest areas are sensory processing, play and attachment.

As a practitioner, Ashley focuses on assessing the whole picture across daily activities and support children and caregivers to understand each individual child and work collaboratively to support them by building skills, changing environments or providing equipment for example.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys being in the outdoors with her family, whether it is taking a walk outside, going camping or having a fish. She enjoy puzzles, crosswords and board games and can easily lose track of time when engaged in a good puzzle build.