Visiting paediatric services now available

Youthrive is delighted to have paediatrician Dr Vinay Jogia providing services to children and families at our Everton Hills clinic!

We provide comprehensive multidisciplinary assessment and intervention to children and families to achieve the best possible outcomes. Dr Jogia’s consultations and contributions to assessment and information gathering will help develop a thorough understanding of a child’s needs to complement Youthrive’s integrated therapy model.

Families will have access to assessment and therapy in one convenient location which will enable a collaborative and integrated approach to their needs.

We are looking forward to working with many children and families with Dr Jogia and supporting them on their journeys.


Hear from Dr Jogia

What does a Paediatrician do?

Paediatricians are medical specialists who diagnose, treat and provide medical care for babies, children and teenagers. They deal with illnesses and the child’s physical, mental and behavioural development.


What are your clinical interest areas?

My special interests in paediatrics include general paediatric health, Autism Spectrum Disorder, behavioural conditions, neuro-developmental disorders and learning difficulties.


How can families access your services?

General Practitioners and Nurse Practitioners can refer patients to me for evaluation and management plans.


What benefits do you see in working alongside the Youthrive team?

I will be very fortunate to work alongside a Multidisciplinary Team consisting of Allied Health Specialists. These will include Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapist and Psychologists. Having such a team will enable me to formulate a diagnosis and management plan for children with developmental, behavioral and learning difficulties with relative ease. I will be able to liaise with my patient’s referring practitioners, school and families and as a team we will be able to discuss and implement the management plan.


What can families expect in an initial appointment?

At the initial appointment a thorough history and physical examination is conducted. Appropriate investigations are discussed and organised. In house referrals are also considered and discussed to obtain valuable opinion and collateral information which will assist in formulating the management plan.


Do families attend follow up sessions?

Families are invited to attend follow-up sessions and clinical case conferences with the relevant stakeholder meetings. This is an important aspect of the management of the child as the management plan is implemented and followed through.