6 Months Milestone

Your little bundle of joy is now six months old, here’s what to expect.

The majority of children will achieve these development milestones by the time they turn 6 months. All children develop at different rates. Some children are slower than others (developmentally delayed) but catch up with time. Other children, however, may have an underlying problem that causes their development to be delayed, and they may not catch up.

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It is important for these children to get as much treatment (early intervention) as possible. So if you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s development, see your child health nurse or doctor for help as soon as you can. If in doubt, it is better to have your concerns checked than to ‘wait and see’.

Gross Motor

  • Lift head and chest off the ground when lying on their tummy
  • Roll over side to side
  • Sit with support and a straight back
  • Bear weight on legs, stand with support

Fine Motor

  • Reach for objects with each arm and hand
  • Hold objects with whole hand
  • Transfer object from hand to hand
  • Hold an object in each hand

Talking and understanding

  • Make four or more distinct sounds (vowels and consonants)
  • Laugh in response to something
  • Search for sound by turning head
  • Change behavior when listening to sound and human conversation


  • Enjoy and respond to play
  • Anticipate touch or being lifted
  • Turn head to people
  • Drink from a cup (with adult holding it)
  • Resist toys being taken away


  • Resist objects taken out of hands
  • Examine what is in hand
  • Show clear pleasure with new objects and experiences

Youthrive is providing this as general information only and it should not be relied upon as professional or medical advice. You should seek professional and medical advice for particular health concerns or manifestations. Our best efforts have been used to ensure this information is considered correct and current in accordance with accepted best practice in Queensland as at the date of production.

Originally produced by Child Development Network.