Youthrive opens in Everton Hills!

We are excited to announce we have opened a clinic in Everton Hills to help kids and their families achieve their developmental goals! This is our fifth clinic to open and the first in Brisbane’s North-West. This expansion follows the ongoing success of our integrated therapy model at our Robina, Helensvale, North Lakes and Springfield … Continued

How technology can help educate children

While there is a lot of stigma around screen time for children having a negative impact on their learning, it is absolutely undeniable that technology is an integral part of our society and vastly embedded into our culture. According to Youthrive Speech Pathologist, Freeda Thong, similarly to anything else in life, screen time for children can actually be part … Continued

How to help your teen overcome school stress

By Youthrive Psychologist Kasey Lloyd Stress is an individual’s response to pressure. A little stress is a good thing – it helps us realise the importance of something and assists us to perform at our best. But too much stress is detrimental to both performance and our physical and mental health. Teenagers are particularly vulnerable … Continued

What is Speech Pathology?

Most people will think that a speech pathologist works only with children, and to only treat lisps. How boring that would be for those working as speech pathologists if that were the case! In fact, a speech pathologist’s scope of practice is much more varied than this. Speech Pathology is an allied health profession that … Continued

Youthrive is offering visiting services in Southport!

From the 30th of April 2019, Youthrive will be providing visiting services, every second Tuesday, at Children 1st Specialist Clinic at Southport! We will be working alongside a team of Child and Youth Psychiatrists, and can’t wait to help even more kids achieve their goals! For more information or to make a booking, please call … Continued

Why bilingualism matters!

Bilingualism is being fluent in understanding and speaking two languages. There are more bilingual and multilingual people in the world than there are monolinguals. In Australia alone – being one of the most diverse and multicultural countries in the world – we house over 300 different languages that are spoken in the home environment. As … Continued

How much sleep does my child need?

By Youthrive Occupational Therapist Portia Gunn Sleep plays a very important role in our development, physical health and mental wellbeing. It is so important, that on average, we sleep for one third of our lives! But, it is in our early years when sleep is vital, and unfortunately this doesn’t always come easy…   Average … Continued

Dysphagia, a difficult diagnosis to swallow

By Youthrive Speech Pathologist Freeda Thong   What is Swallowing Awareness Day? Speech Pathology Australia is hosting Swallowing Awareness day on the 13th of March 2019 this year. Did you know that the average human swallows 700 times a day?! A process that is seemingly easy, automatic and effortless to most, but for some can … Continued

What to expect at a kindergarten screening session!

Youthrive now offers Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology Screening Sessions for kindergartens and childcare centres. This childhood screening package aims to assist early childhood educators and parents in identifying developmental challenges for children as early as possible. The screening package can include: An information session for parents and teachers focusing on developmental milestones, and general … Continued

How to help your child speak confidently to adults

By Kasey Lloyd, Youthrive Psychologist Why do some children find it easy to converse with family friends, professionals, and strangers while others struggle to whisper ‘hello’? Some researchers suggest we are born with different temperaments, while others suggest that early attachment and parenting style can impact one’s sociability. Regardless, speaking to grown-ups can be scary … Continued