How to encourage your kids to do chores!

We can all relate to the stress of trying to get your kids to help with chores. Sometimes just the thought of asking them to “clean their room” can cause a tantrum. But, with the right strategies and mindset, chores can become a positive experience for both you and your child! Kids may need to … Continued

These 5 basic concepts are essential for early school success!

By Sabina Pyne, Youthrive Speech Pathologist Your child’s understanding of basic concepts is important for their success at school and it’s easy to help them develop these skills at home! What are basic concepts? Basic concepts are words that depict location (e.g. up/down), number (e.g. more/less), descriptions (e.g. big/little), time (e.g. old/young) and feelings (e.g. … Continued

Developing the vocabulary skills vital for success!

By Sabina Pyne, Youthrive Speech Pathologist   Did you know that vocabulary growth helps kids think and learn about the world and is directly linked to their overall success at school? If your child is struggling with reading, research suggests that there will almost always be a connection to their lack of vocabulary. So, parents, … Continued

How cooking can help children with anxiety

By Chris Dickson, Youthrive Psychologist   Today, children are growing up in a whole new world. The boom in technology means that children are facing a lot of new difficulties that their parents never grew up with. Children are now teaching their parents how to use their iPhone and post on social media. However, is … Continued

Goal-setting with your child’s therapist: why it’s important

By Dr Kelly Bowers, Youthrive Clinical Psychologist Goal-setting is one of the most important things you can do in order to live the life you want for yourself and your family. While the benefits of setting goals are often talked about and generally understood, the consistent achievement of our goals is often a little trickier … Continued

I think my child has a mental health condition – What should I do?

By Haylea Hodges, Youthrive Psychologist   Do not panic. Mental health conditions are quite common and are present in around one in seven children aged 4-17 years. Some of the most common mental health conditions that children present with include anxiety, depression, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and eating disorders.   How do … Continued

Self-care (when you’re not coping)

No doubt we have all heard of self-care before. We may have even tried it once or twice. It’s hard. It takes time that we don’t often have. And why is it so important anyway? We’ve coped with persistent challenges before – and on a daily basis! What’s to say that we can’t keep doing … Continued

Play is the way!

By Emma McKay, Youthrive Occupational Therapist   What is play? Play is an important way children learn about their environment, bodies, and place in the world around them. Play helps to assist a child’s brain with healthy development. Engaging in play provides your child with opportunities to develop in a number of essential skill areas … Continued

Youthrive now offers school-based integrated therapy services!

At Youthrive, we are passionate about children’s development and assisting children to reach their full potential. Youthrive provides an integrated therapy service, including psychology, speech pathology and occupational therapy, at four convenient locations across South-East Queensland. Our evidence-based interventions equip kids and young people with the skills they need to thrive.   Youthrive offers clinical … Continued