Does your child eat chicken nuggets?

Here is a quick tip, to teach your child to eat a new Food: Firstly, think about the texture of a chicken nugget, and what makes chicken nuggets a safe food: Chicken Nuggets are; Crunchy & Dry on the outside Slightly Soft when chewing Yellow in colour Predictable in their shape, colour, smell and taste … Continued

Youthrive celebrates opening of sixth clinic in South East Queensland

Youthrive is thrilled to officially open its North Lakes Flinders clinic, the second in the North Lakes region. The team is excited to be able to expand the Youthrive footprint in the Moreton Bay region and support more children and families through its psychology, occupational therapy, speech pathology and dietetic services. Youthrive opened its first … Continued

Communicating with confidence is the priority!

There are 1.2 million Australians with communication disability. A large number of these people are children and young adults who need early support to ensure they participate fully in education and build healthy relationships to create a better future for themselves as adults. Speech pathologists like Amy McAlister from child therapy clinic Youthrive work with … Continued

How to boost your child’s development through reading

Reading with your child can provide you with a wonderful opportunity to support their language development and for you both to bond over a shared interest. The traditional method of reading aloud to your child while they listen has its benefits. However, we recommend a method which involves integrating interaction into book reading. Not only … Continued

Why do some kids regress in times of crisis?

By Robert McKenzie, Youthrive Psychologist Have you noticed your child taking steps backwards in their development during COVID-19? Maybe there’s more moodiness, baby talk, potty accidents or sleep disruption than usual. Know that regression is temporary, and common in times of stress. What is regression? Regression refers to when a child displays a behaviour that … Continued

New mental health service to support children and young people

A new child and youth mental health support service, Youthrive, is now providing psychological support to children and young people aged 0 – 24 with or at risk of developing severe mental health conditions. Youthrive will be providing psychological therapies across the Darling Downs and West Moreton region via telehealth to children and young people. … Continued

COVID-19: Supporting children with Autism

All children and young people need support from adults during times of stress and uncertainty, including during the coronavirus pandemic. This is a challenging time for many people and this uncertainty is a significant source of anxiety, particularly for children with Autism. What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? ASD is a lifelong developmental disorder that … Continued

What is telehealth?

Just like a normal therapy session, only virtual!   At Youthrive, we are embracing technology and delivering our services at a distance by using telehealth to connect our therapists to children and their families. We are currently accepting referrals across all five Youthrive clinics in Robina, Helensvale, Springfield, Everton Hills and North Lakes. Telehealth is … Continued

How to talk to kids about coronavirus

As the spread of the coronavirus continues to gain momentum globally, children are being exposed to frequent media updates, panicked behaviour, and anxious conversations. It’s only natural that they will have a lot of questions about the pandemic, so it’s important that adults can answer these questions appropriately to help reduce children’s anxiety. 1. Educate … Continued

Positive parenting relationships

By Youthrive Psychologist Kasey Lloyd Have you ever thought about the importance of demonstrating positive relationships to your child? We know how a regular bank account works: we make regular deposits (and withdrawals), and hopefully put enough aside for a rainy day. But, what is an emotional bank account? Dr Stephen R. Covey, author of … Continued